God Will Provide

In case you don’t know the story of Abraham and Isaac, let me give you a quick summary. God had promised Abraham that he would be a father of many nations but, at the time of the promise Abraham was almost 100 years old and his wife was well past childbearing years so the promise felt unlikely. However, even though it seemed impossible and actually made Abraham laugh, he believed that God was able to do anything. A year later, Abraham and Sarah had a son together, Isaac. This son was the fruition of decades of hoping for a child and a lofty promise made by God. It was incredible and astounding for them to hold this child in their arms. They never thought it would happen and look, it happened.

Fast forward 10-20 years after his birth (history doesn’t tell us his exact age), and Isaac is being bound to a woodpile and about to be sacrificed as an act of obedience. God spoke to Abraham and asked him to take Isaac up on the mountain and sacrifice him there and, Abraham being a devout follower, was willing. Just as Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac, God speaks to him and stops him. An angel directs Abraham’s attention to a ram caught in the thickets near them and points out that the ram is the actual sacrifice. Abraham, I’m certain exhausted emotionally by this entire situation, names this spot on the mountain Yireh Jehovah, which means, “The LORD will provide” (Genesis 22:14). 

God never intended for Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, that would have been cruel beyond words and that is not the nature of God. God wanted to remind Abraham that He is the provider of everything. You see when Abraham and Sarah had finally accepted that they were not going to have children, instead of continuing to seek God they took matters into their own hands and Abraham fathered a son through a servant, Hagar. This was not what God had hoped for them so He created a way to prove once and for all that He was a God of provision. To show that He could always be trusted, even in the most extreme circumstances.

God is showing me this now as well. Last week, or maybe the week before, I woke up with the words “the promise has already been given” soaring through my heart and mind. I believe that all of God’s promises “yes and amen” (2 Corinthians 1:20) so I know that the promise of moving us to New York City is going to happen. What I don’t know is exactly when and this is where God has been working on me to grow my faith. I believe in my gut that we are supposed to move this summer and yet, I don’t really see that coming together well at this moment. So, I keep praying and hoping and praising, and I keep believing that there is a ram in a thicket that I just haven’t seen yet. My provision is here, it just hasn’t been revealed to me yet. We have our neighborhood chosen in the Bronx, we have a great high school picked out, we are ready to go, we now wait on our God who will provide. Yireh Jehovah.

Waiting is hard folks. The truth is, God is in control, not me. I know His promise and I know His character, I just don’t know His timing. So I keep moving forward into what I believe beyond a doubt He is calling me to. To turn back now would make no sense, I’m in too deep. And if God doesn’t move us out on 7/7 like I think, I will stay in faith believing that His timing is perfect and His plan is greater than mine. My God is Yireh Jehovah and He is providing all that I need. 




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