If You Will

Independence. We are taught from a young age, and I mean a really young age, to start doing things on our own. Totally healthy right? Sit up on our own. Eat on our own. Sleep on our own. Walk on our own. As we grow, we continue this journey of independence at every stage. Make our own lunch. Walk ourselves to school. Manage our time. Get our own job. Buy our own things. Get our own home. Its growth and it’s good and natural. The challenge is, heaven runs on dependence.

Dependence. God spends all 66 books of His Word, wooing you and I to dependence on Him. People who seek to be in close relationship with God quickly find out that their own independence is required as the price.

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

“Whoever loves his life loses it, whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” John 12:25

God wants it all, every single part of your life. He wants you to be totally reliant on Him for everything. That doesn’t mean that you lose your ability to think for yourself, it means that you turn to Him to for discernment and direction. It means that in all things, we will seek first God’s input before moving forward. It means willingly sacrificing “me” for “Him”.

The loss of independence goes against our grain. For some people, it is the reason they don’t follow Jesus. The idea of being completely dependent on someone is terrifying, especially if the people here in your life have let you down. It’s hard, but critical, to fully grasp that God simply cannot let you down. It’s not in His character or nature to disappoint. The times when we feel disappointed in God are because He didn’t come through the way we wanted, not because He didn’t come through.

Psalm 91 is one of my favorite! I love how it is written in the Message translation, especially the last two verse.

If you will hold on to me for dear life…I will:

  1. Get you out of any trouble.
  2. Give you the best care.
  3. Answer.
  4. Be at your side.
  5. Rescue you.
  6. Throw a party for you.
  7. Give you a long life.
  8. Give you eternal life.

God is desperate for a relationship with us. He is asking for us to hold on, get to know Him and trust Him and when we do, we won’t even want independence because that life is miserable compared to a life dependent on the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Creator of your soul.

If you will.




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