Living Like Christ-Peace

Peace. Much like love, I think it’s time that we take a close look at what peace means and redefine it for our lives. In Colossians 3:15, Paul is directing us to “let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts”. This verse can be frustrating if you just look at the chaos of life. However, if you go a little deeper into heart issues, this verse is very empowering because Paul is clearly showing us that peace, specifically the peace of Christ, is an option at our disposal. All we have to do is let Christ’s peace rule in our hearts.

Much like everything else in the Bible that tells us how to live, it seems really easy on paper but feels much harder in real life. I mean come one, Paul doesn’t understand that I’ve got kids who all have their own activities and I have to drive them all around. Paul doesn’t know what it’s like to have a spouse that doesn’t help. Paul never had a boss like mine. I could go on and on with the list of reasons what it’s not “easy” to follow Paul in this directive and yet, I would be wrong on each count. 

Making a choice lie this always sounds hard but if it is directed by God and empowered by Holy Spirit, it then becomes about me, not the outside forces around me. I can absolutely choose to feel peaceful in Jesus no matter what the situation is that is trying to cause chaos in my heart. How I enter and stay in a moment is my choice. I can’t control anything around me, I can only control me. Through Paul, God is giving us a blank check to an endless account of peace…all we have to do is sign it. Once we sign off on this truth that we can feel peace no matter what, then we let it rule in our hearts and we live in peace like Jesus lived in peace.

This morning as I was reading this verse I started to try to think about what the “peace of Christ” looks like. Here are just a few examples:
* Jesus feeds thousands of people without any apparent distress. The disciples are concerned about how everyone will eat but Jesus isn’t! 
* Jesus sleeps on a boat through a storm. The disciples are being battered by the storm and when they find Jesus, He not only is peaceful, He’s asleep!
* Jesus calmly goes with the Roman guards. The disciples are reacting to the Roman guards coming to take Jesus away but Jesus calmly refuses to engage in the chaos and agrees to go with them.
* Jesus quietly stands before the Roman authorities. The disciples have scattered and are filled with fear but Jesus chooses to stay in peace knowing that His Father is fully in control.

There are many other situations where Jesus was in the midst of chaos and instead of engaging and adding fuel to that fire, He chose peace. In Colossians 3:15, Paul is reminding us that if Jesus lives in our hearts and is in control of our lives, then we have access to the same peace He had in His life. The peace of Christ doesn’t engage in the chaos of the world because it is focused on the love of heaven.

I don’t know what kind of chaos and stress is happening in your life as you read this, but I know that if you will let it, the peace of Christ will rule in your hearts and the negativity that can clog up your mind and emotions will melt away. This isn’t a one-time choice, this is a habit you have to make. Start today by inviting Holy Spirit to give you peace throughout your days and then continue to invite that peace into each situation and moment. Jesus is with you.



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