Brotherly Love

It’s time to move past the differences that cause division and make the choice to continue to build each other up in brotherly love. External influences are driving wedges into our communities and we are seeing more and more division because we are letting our differences rule our relationships.

Brotherly love, philadelphia, is love that says I love you with deep affection regardless of our differences. Brotherly love seeks connection over everything else. Brotherly love sets out to bless the other person with no expectations in response. Brotherly love is the foundation of community.

I have an amazing community of friends. These people are truly my tribe and my support and the relationships are equal in that, sometimes I’m in need and sometimes they are in need and in both instances, we act in love towards each other and seek to bless and provide. We don’t agree on everything. We don’t necessarily have shared calls or visions for our future. We come from different backgrounds and have different hopes and dreams. What we have is connection and the desire to see each other be successful in whatever path we choose. We let brotherly continue.

As a society, we have to get to the basics of community and stop tearing each other down. We have to stop making our focus ME, and turn our focus to US. No matter what I do, I can’t succeed without my community. God never calls us to live alone, He always calls us to live in community. We are a body of people, each with different giftings but shared purpose…love God and love people. Love is the power source that builds connection and community.

Let brotherly love continue. Seek connection and build community. It’s time to start a love revolution in our world.




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