By Faith:A Way of Life

As I’ve been writing about faith lately, God has been walking me into deeper faith. Faith that goes beyond just the big things in life into the daily challenges. 

Faith isn’t easy. It isn’t some pithy saying on a mug that encourages us to hold on. Faith is bloody, bruised and ugly. Faith is the walk up the hill to Golgotha, beaten beyond recognition, carrying your own cross. Faith is everyone has left you but a few. Faith is nails in your hands and feet. Faith is searing pain and fighting to breathe until you can’t anymore. Faith is silent wondering and confusion. Faith is glorious resurrection and an empty grave. 

Faith is something you have to fight to have and fight to hold on to. Faith is a decision to keep walking when the pain is so intense you can’t think. Faith is believing in a hope that there is a God who is in love with you and is in control when all around you life is falling apart. Faith is a decision and a commitment.

Faith in God will never be the wrong choice. God is not a liar and His word says we can trust Him in all things and at all times. He is never gone. He is always present and always involved. He is in love with us and always seeking our best. He is a loving and good Father. He is a beautiful and blessed Savior. He is a gentle and powerful helper. He is what we have faith in and, He is what makes faith possible.

Faith is not a decision made once. You make a choice to live by faith over and over. Faith is a way of life.




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