The Vine

“I am the true Vine and My Father is the vinedresser.”-John 15:1

Vines are awesome. Vines are climbing plants that travel about trying to find a place where they can climb and grow.  They twist and turn and bend in order to reach their maximum climbing potential. Growth and expansion drive the vine…doesn’t that sound just like Jesus?

In the beginning of John chapter 15, Jesus seeks to help us understand who He is, the vine, and who His Father is, the vinedresser. A vinedresser is also called a husbandman and more often nowadays called a farmer. The vinedresser is the one who cultivates the land, makes sure it has water and nutrients in order for the vine to grow. The vinedresser loves growing the vine and doing whatever necessary to make that vine healthy and strong. 

We immediately see in this short verse that the Father, OUR Father, is in the position of providing the power to grow the Vine. The Vine, Jesus, is drawing every ounce of strength from His rich support, His Father. I love this picture because it defines the relationship beautifully. God, the Vinedresser, is focused on making sure the ground is good which allows Jesus, the Vine, to grow and reach out to people. Neither one works without the other

To follow Christ means we have to be completely abandoned to God as the cultivator of our ground. Jesus is the example and this is certainly how He lived. He believed fully that God was providing all He needed in order to live, and we see that was certainly true. Our greatest challenge is to believe God is equally as interested in cultivating our lives as He was in Jesus. Or, maybe that’s just my challenge.

I need to believe that I am every bit as important to God as everyone else is and as Jesus was or else, I won’t grow. I’ll be a puny little vine that doesn’t seek opportunity to climb because I won’t be able to receive all of the support God has for me. I want to grow, to climb and to get all that God has for me!

This verse is a foundation verse, over the next few blogs we’ll learn more about who we are in Christ and how we are powered and empowered through the Father in John 15. 




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