Delight in the Path

“Lead me in the Path of your commandments, for I delight in it.”-Psalm 119:35

I don’t hike. I walk on paved, flat-as-possible sidewalks if I’m going to travel by foot. However, not long ago I allowed myself to get talked into walking on a wooded path that really for me was a hike.

This path had lots of ups and downs, many narrow areas that dropped off down into woods and large roots and rocks to climb over. I was miserable! The ups seemed endless. The downs were too steep. To roots felt like mountains to climb. I had to keep stopping to rest because my heart was beating out of my chest! I was longing for a flat, paved sidewalk. However, when the hike was over I felt a sense of joy and accomplishment that I had done it! It hard and I honestly wasn’t sure how to keep going but I did. What I missed though,  was the beauty around me. I wasn’t delighting in the path.

Following God’s expectations, commandments, in life is like my hike. There are ups and downs, narrow areas, and large challenges to climb over. Yet, I’m convinced that in order to journey well we have to find the delight in the journey knowing that with each step we come closer to the destination…a close walk with God here and an eternity with Him in heaven.

Delight in the path that God has you on. Take time to praise Him for every new experience no matter how challenging. 🙂 Live in His love, grace, peace and mercy.



  1. Gloria · June 10, 2014

    Thanks this was an encouraging message. Things have slowed down a bit at work, and now I feel like I can at least breathe. Would you be interested in getting together for a visit sometime? Gloria

  2. · June 10, 2014

    Excellent comparison and beautifully written!  You are talented!

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