A Prayer for God’s Will

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33 NLT

For the first time in my 43 years, I realized last week that I am in the center of God’s will for my life and that though I have moments that are more challenging than others, my life feels so blessed all the time and I can’t answer the question, “How are you” any other way but to say, “AWESOME!” And guess what…I MEAN it! Yes, I am awesome. And it’s not that I, Kellyann am awesome, it’s because I, daughter of God, follower of Jesus am exactly where I am supposed to be in all areas of my life and God’s blessing makes me awesome! He’s awesome and I just get to live in the overflow of His love, grace, peace and mercy. It’s amazing!

It hasn’t been an easy path getting here and it didn’t happen over night. I am where I am today because I fell so far off of God’s path for so many years that He had to put some serious roadblocks in my path in order to stop me from complete self-destruction. I gave up habits that I thought I needed to survive, love that I thought was true and a heart that felt like it couldn’t trust God and all of that had a level of pain I had to go through before I could get to this side of that pain. And all the while, God was right there healing me, calling me, loving me and bringing me to the place where I could learn to trust Him. And now that I am here, in the center of God’s will for my life today, I never want to leave it. I have traded prayers of, “please rescue me”, to prayers of , ” please keep me”. I’ve traded thoughts of, “how can I numb this pain,” for thoughts of, “how can I help show them how You will heal their pain if they’ll just turn to You.” It’s a very different life I have now and one that is so better than the one I had that I can’t even compare them and really, don’t even try to.

This week I looked up all the verses on God’s will in my concordance and wrote them out in my journal. As I was reading them, God showed me how beautifully they all flow together and make a lovely prayer. Here’s that prayer for myself and for you.

“Thank you, Lord, that you have caused my spirit to delight in doing your will and putting your law in my heart. (Psalm 40:8) May your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven which is always. (Matt 6:10) Lord, I know that is your will and desire. (Matt 11:26) Thank you, Lord, that because I am follow you and your will for my life, I am a sister to Jesus. (matt 12:50) Help me in my struggles remember that Jesus struggled with your will too yet He always had you and your will as His priority and only option. (Matt 26:39) Thank you, Father, for my life. (John 1:13) Help me find nourishment in your Word always. (John 4:34) From that nourishment in your Word, keep me from conforming to this world and keep me renewed in mind so that I am always aware of your perfect will. (Romans 12:2) Father, keep my heart bound to you and help me never seek to please anyone but you. (Eph 6:6) May my heart always be filled with knowing your will at all times. (Col 1:9) Lord, give me strength when doing your will is harder than I expect or imagine. (1 Peter 3:17) Remind me that this world ends and that I will be with you forever. (1 John 2:17) Thank you, Lord, for hearing this prayer and for the confidence in my heart that you will answer me. (1 John 5:14). Amen.”

Please put God in the center of your life and seek to walk in the center of His will whatever the cost. He will meet you where you are and He will bring you to places you never dreamed. You may be reading this thinking that your life is just fine the way it is and you don’t need God in the center. Don’t believe that lie because it is a lie of astronomic proportion. You have no idea what you’re missing. You may be reading this thinking you don’t have the strength to get God in the center of your life. Don’t believe that lie because it is a lie of epic proportion. Ask God to help you with a true heart and He’ll be right there to guide you. You may be reading this thinking you are too far away to move towards God and that He won’t take you back anyways because you can’t change to be what He wants. This is the lie that is the nearest to my heart and the one that angers me the most. Turn from this lie right now and find that God is going to grab you and pull you in before you even get fulled turned around. Lastly, you may be reading this and are in total agreement with me because you are also living right in the center of God’s will. Great! Keep sharing your life with people and drawing them to our Savior.

Love, grace, peace and mercy to all of you.

KA 🙂


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