The Path (May 2012)

I am 42  year’s old and realizing with almost excruciating pain that I am a jumper by nature. For the first half of my career I jumped from job to job. I have jumped from church to church. I have jumped from state to state. I have jumped from relationship to relationship. Sometimes the jumping was all me and other times it was my mother who was leading the jumping but in all cases, it was a way to get instant gratification through something new. I think that just as there are adrenalin junkies there are change junkies and I am one of the latter. I love change because it’s something new and there are no problems with new. Nothing has broken yet, I don’t see people’s baggage and I havent’ shared my own. It’s like a yard of new fallen snow that no one has walked on yet and ruined. Here’s the problem with that…new snow doesn’t stay new.

As I approach my 43rd birthday, I realize that I don’t want to be a jumper anymore. I realize that God hasn’t called me, or anyone, to be a jumper…He’s called us to be followers. If you think of someone who is a follower, it is someone who walks a path the has alraedy been tread on by the leader. You can look at the new terrain but you don’t CHOOSE the new terrain. You might be able to see ahead but you can’t run ahead of the leader. The follower, by nature, is content to have limited influence and complete trust in the leader. COMPLETE TRUST! Do you see the freedom in being a follower?! As the follower, I’m not responsible for chosing the direction which means I can’t ever get lost. As the follower, I’m not responsible to review the terrain ahead and make sure I’m equipped I just get handed what I need and put it to use. As the follower, I don’t have to worry about the time because I don’t set the pace. As the follower I get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the road I am traveling. God is my leader which means that I have NO FEAR, NO WORRY, NO NEEDS…all I have to do is follow and He’ll guide me exactly where I’m supposed to go. Do you feel the relief in that?? It’s like floating on water.

Over the past couple months I got off  a little and I had to make a correction and get back on it. I was still following my Leaders, I was just doing it off in the bushes instead of on the true path. I made a committment I shouldn’t make for a church ministry I shouldn’t have jumped to so I had to apologize, back out and get back on track. I was feeling like the path I was on was too slow and my desire to get further down the road, jump ahead of the leader distracted me. I’m so thankful for God’s voice and for the desire to seek God’s voice. The peace I feel today from getting back on the path I’m supposed to be on is awesome. And God has used those around me to say, welcome back to the journey we are on. Thank you Lord!

If you are not on the path you should be on, do whatever you have to do to get back on it. I’ve traveled off the path so many times and I’m finally in a place where I have said to God, keep me on this path please because the pain of getting off is too much forme. This last diversion wasn’t painful as much as uncomfortable, thankfully. But as most of us, I have the scars to show the diversions that were more serious. There is pain in getting back on track but that pain is NOTHING compared to the pain of staying off track. Seek help. Seek partnerships in prayer. Seek counseling. SEEK GOD. He’s the only true Leader for us. He’s the only one who can keep us peaceful. He’s the only One.

Please email me at if you need prayer. My hearts deepest desire is to help you get back on track following the only Leader who will ever meet your needs and love you forever and ever.



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